I've been looking for a drugstore body lotion with some sort of exfoliating property.  Neutrogena used to have one until they discontinued it (*sniff*). AmLactin is smelly. Lubriderm also had a "triple-smoothing" formula, now discontinued.

But alas, St. Ives has their Naturally Smooth Body Lotion with AHA.  I'll be looking for this next time I go to the drugstore, as I could really use some exfoliation.  My skin is a lot drier than normal, due to the being inside a lot with dry, heated air and due to my recent pregnancy (my skin hasn't gotten oily...yet).  But this would be really great for those pesky bumps I seem to always get on the backs of my arms.

Naturally Smooth Body Lotion from St Ives available at Drugstore.com.  Discovered via Real Simple Magazine.

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