Recently, I discovered another one of my beauty products has been discontinued.  Well, one color - Mineral Grey - has been discontinued from L'Oreal's Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner.

Big bummer for me.  I had already proclaimed my love for this product on this blog.  It's my drugstore version of Lancome's Artliner.  And while the L'Oreal version is still available in black and brown, it's the grey that I will miss.  And I didn't even find out about the discontinuation until it was too late, and I couldn't stock up.

And while I do love the Lancome Artliner, and it comes in many different colors, they are $29 each.  Compared with about $8 each for L'Oreal.  It's worth mentioning again that the two brands are related and therefore the products are nearly identical, down to the exact same felt-tip applicator that I love.

So, I went on the hunt to find a suitable replacement. And I think I found it in another drugstore find:  Almay Intense I-Color Liquid Eyeliner.

I bought a couple of different colors: Raisin Quartz and Black Pearl.  The Raisin Quartz is a light plum (I thought it'd be darker, but I still like it).  The Black Pearl is a sparkly charcoal grey, which is what I wanted.  It's actually more sparkly than my older liquid eyeliner I'm replacing, but it'll still work.  The felt tip applicator isn't exactly the same, it's a bit more rigid, but still easy to apply.

So happy I found something that will work for me.  Because I really don't want to have to do this again!

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