I totally forgot to mention another birthday perk! I forgot because Red Robin no longer emails the free birthday burger, but have replaced the whole program with their Red Royalty Reward Card.

I picked up the Red Royalty card a while back, but hadn't registered it online. Because once you register, you get a free appetizer. So I was saving it until I planned to visit. I was planning on going today for lunch, so I finally registered it. You're asked for some basic information including your birthday.

Lo and behold, I saw that I had a free burger for my birthday. Good thing I registered, because my birthday month is almost over. I have to thank my co-worker who had a hankering for their Banzai burger, which is their best burger, in my opinion.

In addition, to the free appetizer upon sign-up and free burger during your birthday month, you get a free burger after you buy 9! Since we live so close to one and it's a great place to eat when you have kids or to pick-up on the way home, we might end up getting a free burger pretty quick.

So, thanks to Red Robin, I got a free Banzai burger for lunch. But since it's Friday and the sun is shining, I got a strawberry shake as well.

Yummmm indeed!

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