I heart turtles, especially sea turtles.  And when I saw this Chantecaille Sea Turtle Palette in one of the recent Nordstrom look books, I fell in love. I'm not exactly in the market for more eyeshadows and $78 is pretty steep for me, but it is worth sharing because proceeds go to a worthy cause.

"With the purchase of this refillable palette, you are helping Chantecaille continue their mission to support marine wildlife. Chantecaille is partnering with Dr. Karen Eckert of the WIDECAST Organization, focused on saving sea turtles in North, South and Central America and the Caribbean."

Philanthropic beauty. I'm all for that!

p.s. If big cats are more your thing, they have one for Wild Tigers as well!


marisol said...

The problem with such a pretty palette is that I wouldn't want to use it. :D

Michelle said...

Agreed! Especially after spending so much on it.