I recently celebrated my 32nd birthday! I haven't made a big deal about it, because frankly, after you turn 30, it's not that big of a deal.  Now the birthdays that end in zero are the big ones worth making a to-do about.  But I digress....

The best part about birthdays are all the great freebies and coupons you get from retailers and restaurants.  And also a great reason to shop - for me, I had a bunch of gift cards that I just had to use.

I got a much needed new bra from Victoria's Secret - with a $10 off birthday coupon.  I ended up getting their Biofit bra, it just fit me the best.  Not exactly sexy, but it does the job well and stays smooth under my shirts.

From Macy's, I got a couple of Philosophy Be Somebody hot salt scrubs in Green Tea and Water Lily.  In this case, I had gift cards to use!  And if you receive Macy's emails, you get a code for free shipping for your birthday as well.

philosophy be somebody water lily hot salt tub and shower scrub 23 fl oz

Free Birthday pastry from Panera Bread. I signed up for their My Panera Card a while back (it's free!), and you get a free pastry just for registering your email address.  Each time you go, they swipe the card and at random, you get a reward, it can be awarded at the beginning of the transaction or at the end (after you've paid).  I had received a free espresso or smoothie from a previous visit, and they loaded the pastry on for my birthday, so I got breakfast for free!

March is loaded with birthday amongst my friends, so we all went to Purple Cafe & Wine Bar to celebrate with a lunch.  Right now they're a part of Dine Around Seattle, so they have a great special going on.  (Next month they're participating in Seattle Restaurant Week as well!)  I joined their mailing list and got a free appetizer for doing so, and a free dessert for my birthday!  I didn't use those on my visit (since I already was getting a discounted 3 course meal), but I did go back later with my sis on a rare spa day we had together.  Their baked brie is most excellent!

The New Year's Resolution is still in effect.  The before-mentioned spa day? Thanks to Groupon, I went to Herban Therapies for a hot stone mud body renewal. I added the foot facial for some extra pampering.  Then I used another Groupon to pick up some cupcakes from Confetti Cupcakes for my family birthday dinner.  They were delish!

Oh, and finally my big birthday gift from Hubby.  I got a new phone - the HTC Evo Shift

After getting him the Samsung Epic, I was instantly jealous.  My Blackberry just wasn't as awesome as his phone. But I didn't want to get the exact same thing.  Luckily, HTC came out with an Evo with a slide-out keyboard.  So far, it's so much nicer than my old Berry.  But I have to admit, the Berry was way better than my phone before that.  Finally I have more apps, wi-fi, and Angry Birds!  And the touchscreen is so nice.  Yes, I'd probably LOVE the iPhone, but Sprint doesn't carry it and we're not switching providers anytime soon.  At least 2 years. 

So, this year, it has been a great birthday indeed, despite the lack of fanfare.

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