In 2011, I would like to do the following:

- Use my Groupon, Living Social, FreshGuide, etc. certificates that I have accumulated last year.  Yes, I have mentioned it before, but gotta put it on my resolution list for posterity.  In one month, I'm off to a good start and used my Groupons for cupcakes and a spa visit (facial at Lemon Drop Skin Care & Spa), and a Living Social certificate for lunch last week at Guyamas Cantina.  I have plans to use my other ones.

- Finish my tattoo. I've had my koi for a couple of years now, and if you remember, it's just a simple black line drawing.  But now, I'm in a different place and would like to color it in, add some water, and some lotus blossoms.  This is more of a money thing, because it could cost a bit and I'm not in a position to spend on needless things.  But something for me to think about.

- SAVE SAVE SAVE.  We would like to move in a couple of years.  And since we don't want to sell the house we're living in currently, we need to come up with a down payment.  We have a huge goal of $50,000 in two years.  It's a pie in the sky, but at least it's something to strive for.

- In addition, make the maximum contribution on our IRA's, which is $5000 each.  We're hoping a nice tax refund will assist with this.

- More brown bag lunches. Basically, eat less at the restaurants that my company owns.  Restaurant food isn't the most healthy, and frankly, I'm a lil tired of the menu.

- No more Coach bags. Hubby was nice enough to buy one for me for Christmas, which I love love love.  It's the Maggie Mia in Cranberry, which I mentioned in this post.  But, as far as purses are concerned, I really should mix up the brands.  I'm thinking Burberry will be my next one.  I know, it's awful to want more, but I guess I can't help myself.  More about this later, though.

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