I think I saw this in the back of a magazine, and it really grabbed my attention.  The Card Cubby is the solution for all those gift cards, loyalty cards, extra credit cards, etc. that is filling up my bag and wallet.  I keep a separate case for the cards that don't fit in my wallet, but it's getting full in there, and also, not so great to look at.

But the Card Cubby keeps the cards organized, has a inside zippered compartment, a clear card slot on the back, and are chic to book.  Comes in all sorts of colors and materials and appears to be quite durable.  I'm particularly fond of the croc and animal print ones.  I think the brightly colored ones are the way to go, so that they can be found easily in a purse or bag.

They even have a Coupon Cubby for keeping coupons organized (puts my current paper envelope system to shame...)

On their website, they sell for $19.99 for the standard Cubbies, $22.99 for leather, and $24.95 for the Coupon Cubbies.  And they are coming out with new colors!


wyn said...

I find myself liking the patent leather ones, too. Two ideas came to me while reading the description--one can repurpose a camera case (the ones with similar shape, magnetic button)... or a business card holder. Right now, I'm using a really run-down corduroy coin purse--because I tend to collect and have many of those--and hold all the cards together with a (gold-painted) binder clip because they're apt to all fall to pieces. It's a horrible solution. :P

Michelle said...

Wyn! You're still reading!! Yay!! So glad!

Anyway...you are so right about using the Card Cubby to hold a camera. They even mention that it would be good for that, or even holding a cell phone. If they add a small mirror, it could be a small cosmetic case even.