Just saw this fab graphic in a Daily Worth email and I had to investigate.  It's the  KEEP CALM AND EAT A CUPCAKE Print by KeepCalmShop (on Etsy).

They have others as well along the same lines, "Keep Calm and...", but I do like the cupcake one.

Speaking of cupcakes, I used one of my Groupons over the weekend at Trophy Cupcakes and got a dozen cupcakes.  You'd think I would use this Groupon right away, but alas, I've had it since LAST MAY!  It was really hard to find a time where a dozen cupcakes would be appropriate. There are only two adults in the house, and these gourmet cupcakes need to be eaten right away.  Also, the bakery isn't exactly close to where I live, so it required a little more planning.  Well, we had to go to Bellevue for a family dinner, and one of the locations is at The Bravern, this swank upscale mall that opened a year or so ago.  And we were invited to a football viewing party and thought the cupcakes would be a great thing to bring.  And so it was.

It was really hard, but I decided to get 6 flavors: Salted Caramel Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut, Lemon, Vanilla Vanilla, Red Velvet, and Triple Coconut.  They were so cute...and delicious.

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