Perusing the Banana Republic web site (I *still* have $40 in gift certificates to spend there), I came across this lovely ring, called their Champagne Ring.  I think it warrants an in-store inspection.

Not to be outdone, this gorgeous ring in glittering gold also caught my eye, called the Shimmering Laurel Ring. I am wary, however, of the gold plating rubbing off, as BR gold rings tend to do (sadly).

I came across these rings because I was putting together my wish list for Hubby.  And for all things jewelry, I look at Tiffany's.  And for my wish list, I chose this stunning Vine Ring.  I will not likely receive it, since it pretty much costs as much as several house payments.  But, it's a wish list, afterall.

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Michelle said...

I checked out the rings in person at BR, and let me tell you, they are a lot chunkier in person than they appear on the website. The bands are a good 1/2 inch wide at least.