The other day I got a promotional mailer from Coach.  Hubby saw it first since he usually picks up the mail.  On the outside, it said, "Our gift to you".  I opened it, and inside there was a coupon for $100 off a $300+ purchase at a Coach Boutique Store.  This is a pretty significant discount. 

I told Hubby what it was and he was like, where isn't there a Coach bag you wanted.  I answered that there's ALWAYS a Coach bag that I want.  The one he was referring to, however, was an older Madison style (Sabrina) from 2 years ago.  But he was like, seriously, you've been bugging me so get one if you want one.

Last weekend, on a rare shopping outing with the little guy and a friend, I perused the selection at the Coach Store.

After seeing lots of things I liked, I got it narrowed down to these.

Mia Patent Maggie in Cranberry

I really love the red color and the shape.  It's also got compartments, so it'll make it easier to stay organized.  I'm leaning towards this one because looking at my handbag inventory, I have a lot of black.  The color really does bring a smile to my face, though I worry that the patent leather will not be a classic look.


Mia Leather Carryall in Black

 I love the shape and structure of this bag.  I know that this is a classic piece that I could use for many years. But black is such a safe color.

Why can I only have just one?!

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