I have previously blogged about Viactiv Calcium Chews. Well, despite having the tub in my desk at work, I wasn't very good at taking them.  I know...shame on me.  Not to say that I'm not taking vitamins.  On the contrary!
I take a multi-vitamin every night, along with acidophilus and fish oil.  Taking the fish oil at night prevents "fish burps".  In the morning, I take 2000 mg of Vitamin D.  I take a calcium supplement (Calcium Citrate is better, according to my Doc) in the morning as well, but only with food, because it upsets my tummy if I take on an empty stomach.  And sometimes I don't remember to do that.

Which is where the Viactiv comes in.  I think I wasn't very good at taking them before because the chocolate flavor was not that great, despite me trying to convince myself.  So, I decided to try a different flavor, because really, chocolate isn't right unless it's the real thing.

So now I have Caramel sitting ON TOP of my desk.  Let me tell you...MILES better than the chocolate flavor.  It tastes more caramel-ly and has a nice soft texture.  Slight aftertaste, but not bothersome.  My tub is one of the newly produced ones with a label that says "New and improved taste!" with the pink lid.  It really is hard to resist, because it's like candy.

Viactiv Soft Calcium Chews, 500+D+K, Caramel, 90-Count Boxes (Pack of 2)

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