Tired of clipping coupons?  Ever cut one out just so you can forget it when you actually do your shopping?

Then electronic coupons are for you!

I'm loving these sites that load electronic coupons right onto your grocery store loyalty card.  It saves time and money, and sometimes you can use both a paper AND an electronic coupon together.  In addition, sometimes you can use electronic coupons from multiple sites on the same product!

Check them out!  They do require, however, some sharing of personal information, such as your name, address, and loyalty card numbers.

Coupons.com - In addition to printable coupons, click on the "Savings Card" tab on the left sidebar to see which coupons you can link to your grocery store loyalty cards.  They email you when new coupons are available.

Upromise - They're already linked to your loyalty cards for specific products, but every month they have a new batch of electronic coupons that you can add.

Shortcuts.com - Run by AOL, this site has both printable and electronic coupons.

Safeway.com - One of my loyalty cards is from Safeway.  On their website, go to "Coupon Link" and you can load electronic coupons to your card and print some out (ironically, powered by Coupons.com).

If you know of any others, feel free to share in the comments section!

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