UPDATE: DealPop got purchased by Tippr...so I have removed the link.  But I'll keep it up, because I have the great article linked below, and also, I think this is a trend.  More deal sites will be consolidated in the future. That's what I say...

This whole huge discount email thing is the hippest way to save money.  More businesses are jumping on the bandwagon.  There was even an NPR article about it.

So, here's another one to add to the list - DealPop.

They are currently only in Seattle (they're based out of here - GO SEATTLE!), Los Angeles, and San Francisco (or at least have links for LA & SF, but I cannot verify), but are expanding. If you don't live in or near any of those cities, you can sign up for the Nationwide emails until your city "goes live".

DealPop is run by the folks at the WhitePages.com.

Get in on the deal...again!

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