Cotton animal print cardi from Banana Republic

I'm loving all the Fall fashions that I have been seeing. Animal prints. Jewel tones. Suede. Tall boots!  It's hard to think about it when it's 90* outside!  But, a girl's gotta plan.  And this one is on a budget from now on.  Seriously.  Hubby and I have set a lofty goal - we'd like to move in a couple of years and to make that happen we need to save up some cash.  We have a start but we need to be focused to reach our goal.  So, it'll be window shopping for the time being.  Good thing, however, is that a lot of these trends aren't really all that new.  I have pieces that will work really well.  Just a matter of re-styling.  So, I think I'll be ready for Fall when it gets here (but not too soon).

And I realized that I have $30 in gift cards for Banana Republic, in addition to the $100 I have for Macy's.  Though hopefully today, I'll spend it on a new swimsuit.  Parent & Me swim classes begin at the end of the month, and this Mommy needs a new suit (or 2).  As a matter of fact, so does Daddy!

Hope everyone is able to stay cool out there!

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