In addition to being in the restaurant business, we also own a retail gift shop.  The buyer has introduced me to some really great products and knows my interest in jewelry, in particular.

One company she told me about is called Classic Hardware.  Unfortunately, their website doesn't do itself justice. There are more pieces they sell that aren't even on their own website.  I am in love with their Retrolite jewelry and even bought myself a piece.

Another awesome company with a great jewelry concept - both fashion-wise and business-wise - is Magnabilities.  They are customizable pieces of jewelry using magnets! First you start with the pendant, which you place on a necklace chain or cord (or even neckwire!).  Then, you buy the insert which sticks to the pendant by it's magnet.  Change the insert whenever your heart desires.  And best of all, affordable!  Yet another company also makes inserts for the pendants as well, called Itty Bitty Buttons.  I don't have this necklace, but I think soon I will.  Like today.  Bonus: The inserts you're not using can be used like, well, magnets and can be stored as such.

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