I got an email from Coach about their Fall collection. And of course I love everything Fall (though am thoroughly enjoying Summer and hoping it sticks around a bit longer...)

What really caught my eye was their Ocelot-print bags. And I love well-placed animal prints.

While I'm not in the market to buy another handbag, it's still fun to look.

I love the shape of the Mia (above), but also love the Madison Maggie (below).

...And the Madison Sabrina.

I may actually end up getting the Ocelot Mini Skinny.  That is one thing that I actually could use to hold my newly needed ORCA Card.  The card doesn't actually have to be swiped, it just needs to be held up to the card readers... So it can be in a case, which I want so that I do not lose it. And this would be perfect for that purpose.  Even better, I actually have gift cards to use at Macy's!

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