Hey ya'll, I'm still here.  I know I've been absent, and I know I've said this before, but it's this strange period of parenting where I really don't have much time to sit on the computer.  Work is super busy (which is good!), but is eating up my free time that I used to spend tinkering on my blog and catching up on my blog reading.  I feel a little out of the loop, and I understand if you're not visiting anymore.  It's like real life.  Baby is so time consuming, and we now have a curfew of 7 PM!! Every night!!!!

In the meantime, I did get some fab shopping in during Nordy's Anniversary Sale - online, of course.  And while the Calvin Klein cheetah flats didn't work out so well (too much toe cleavage), the Franco Sarto snakeskin flats are going to work out superbly this fall.

Hubby got 4 new shirts - Burma Bibas Aerocool Polo - the same one in different colors.  I had originally given him one in Oatmeal for Father's Day. He loved it so much, he wanted more. But then they went off the website.  So I live chatted with a Nordy customer service agent, who told me they were going on sale for Anniversary.  Awesome!  Best part of all, these shirts are super soft and they don't need ironing.  And they look good.  Note, pic below of not Hubby.

And I got my yearly big bottle of philosophy cleanser and the big Clarisonic set that they had on special.  I know I was looking at the Mia earlier, but I could really use the body brush attachment and it seemed like a better value.  I'd provide a link to the big value set, but it appears to be sold out!

Well, I must run. Have more little things to do before the baby wakes up.  I'm really pushing my luck right now.

Ta ta for now.  Stay fab, my friends!

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Lys said...

Those shoes are gorg!! I picked up some Tory flats at the sale but other than that, I behaved this year. Totally understand that you are super busy - hope things are well!