One last shoe splurge - these Cole Haan beauties "Carma Air Tantivy" - arrived on my doorstep earlier this week.  I had originally had my eye on their other peep toe, but these went on sale for Anniversary and they have a great buckle detail, which I have a thing for, as you might already know.

I was uber-excited. Until I tried them on.  They were tight! Too small!  Noooo!

Fortunately, I was able to get to Nordy's and snag their last pair in size 9.  And boy what a difference.  They're soooo comfy with the Nike Air technology.  I can't wait to wear these somewhere.  Perhaps on a date with Hubby?

You may be wondering about this particular shoe splurge. I mean almost $200 for a pair of shoes, despite being discounted, is a lot of money.  Well, I did some soul-searching (or perhaps "sole-searching" - ha!) and came to a realization.  Of all the shoes that I own, some of my favorites and most often worn pairs, are ones that I spent the most on.  For example: my red Ecco flats, my black J.Crew tall boots, my brown Dansko shoes.  The one thing they all have in common is that they're all quality and, in hindsight, worth every penny.  I can't wait until this Fall so that I can wear the tall boot again, which I tried on recently and they're loose in the calf (squeeee!).  Perhaps I can rock the legging look with them now that there's a little room.  So, my new shoe mantra is to buy quality and spend a little more because it will be worth it.

Another shoe errand I had to conduct was getting my shoes stretched.  A long put-off project, but admittedly, there aren't a whole lot of shoe repair places in my neighborhood.  The one I used to go to closed - presumably the owner retired, but I drove by today and lo and behold, they are open again with new ownership.  They even remodeled, which was much needed.

My feets did change after my pregnancy, a little bit wider but not longer.  So several pair of my dress shoes need to be stretched a little wider.  Thank goodness I insist on buying genuine leather shoes.  When they are done, it's like getting all these new shoes again.  Very exciting indeed.

And now for your viewing pleasure....

Warning: Contains adult language and might be not suitable for work, or young children.  It is, however, hilarious. Enjoy!


Lesley said...

Those are beautiful! I love Cole Haan!

Michelle said...

Thanks! I'm totally obsessed with Cole Haan shoes now with the Nike Air. They're so comfy!! Am really tempted by the cheetah pair, but will hold off. Perhaps they'll go on deep discount later...crosses fingers.

Auburn Kat said...

Glad to hear things are going good!