I've got swimming in my plans this Summer.  There's a "Parents & Baby" swim class at my local pool.  I'm hoping that we can all get in this Summer.  Little Z misses the age cutoff by two days, but hoping they will make an exception.  I'd love to get him in the water sooner than later.

Not only do I need baby size swim trunks, but I also need a swimsuit for myself.  Plus, we're planning an yet another Mexico vacation this Winter, and I'd love to add one more suit to my collection.

Breezy dot tie-front tank - J.Crew

I am totally in love with this suit. The polka dots and the vintage cut.  At $80, it seems steep. But looking around, it's actually pretty reasonable.  (When did *this* happen?)

Solid Ruched Femme Tank - J.Crew

I also love the cut and color of this suit.  And those wide straps are especially nice - a great fusion of form and function.  Plus the ruching hides a multitude of sins.

Now...when will J.Crew put this stuff on sale?


Lys said...

Both are very chic!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I love that navy one!!! I will be watching for that one to go on sale! :)

Michelle said...

So, I ended up ordering these. And the polka dotted number did not fit. And the ruched one would have worked great if the cups were actually lined and better fitting. Also, the color looked way better on screen. The search continues...