UPDATE: I'm leaving this post up because the comment section can be of use to some of you.  Lys, who told me about MoreRebates, recently had a bad experience with them.  They did not respond to a simple email, and that - in my book - is unacceptable.  So, stay away and stick to reputable cash back sites, such as FatWallet and Ebates.

When one door closes another opens.  Bing Shopping will be ending their Cash Back program at the end of July (as I have pouted about earlier).  But then, the fabulous Lys at Cooking in Stilettos has just introduced me to another great cash back site: MoreRebates.

Get a $6 bonus just for signing up!  And if you click on my link and accrue $25 cash back, I get $6 as well.  Everybody wins!

Because every little bit of cash back helps, it pays to compare all those cash back sites.

It is noted, however, that MoreRebates' minimum payout is $25.  That's the only thing that bugs me at this point.  I haven't used their service yet, so don't have any experience to share, but Lys thinks they're great, and I very much value her opinion.  It's worth signing up, because, hey, it's FREE.


Anonymous said...

Why people are so upset with Bing’s closing bell? We have so many cash back sites like FatWallet, AAfter Search, BigCrumbs and of course MrRebates to make use of.

Michelle said...

Yes, there are alternatives and I will seek those alternative sites. People are upset because with certain stores, they offered the most cash back. For example, I shop from Drugstore.com a lot, and they offered 10% cash back and sometimes even 20% cash back. The second highest is at Fatwallet, which is around 6%. They will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

AAfter Search offers 9% cash back on Drugstore.com products.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the heads up! Good to know.

Lys said...

Will have to check out AAfterSearch after my drama with MoreRebates.