I don't have a whole lot of free time lately, but I do have some break time at work built in - in the form of pumping sessions.  But at least I can do it at my computer.

I usually putter around on Facebook. But if I'm all caught up, I'll do online surveys.

I've been a member of some survey companies already:

Survey Savvy

Toluna (formerly Greenfield Online)


And I have earned a little but of pocket money and rewards (E-Rewards doesn't pay out cash, but I have used my online currency to buy gift cards and airline miles. Their selection of awards is quite limited.)

I remembered that there was another online panel that I wanted to get into, that I heard was legit: Pinecone Research.  You need to access special invitation links in order to join (though right now, they have one posted on their own website).  And when I went to look for them, I stumbled across a great resource:  My Survey 123.

My Survey 123 is actually a personal website of someone that does surveys.  And lots of them.  They have information on all sorts of survey companies, including reviews on some of them.  Very handy is a section on companies to avoid.  And, the site has a special invitation link to Pinecone.

I joined a couple more online panels: My Survey and Quick Rewards Network.

My Survey had a handful of surveys for me.  I accumulated some points but not enough to do anything...yet.

Quick Rewards Network looks kinda cheesy, but has a lot of surveys to take.  I was able to cash out a little bit and they paid really quick (through PayPal).  I can vouch that they are legit.

So, if you have a little bit of time to kill, why not make a little coffee money?  Also, if you want to join, please click on the links above.  It will help me out a little bit for the referral.  Much appreciated!

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