Bing's Cashback Shopping program will be ending July 30 this year.


They were one the higher paying cash back sites...at least with a couple of places I shop a lot - Drugstore.com and Diapers.com.

The bad news arrived in my inbox.  Here's the link to the info.

And I was just getting to know them.

So, now it will be back to Fatwallet and Ebates for me.  And checking out Evreward.com to see who pays out the most.


Lys said...

Don't forget Mr. Rebates :) And More Rewards (which isn't even listed on eBates). I've gotten quite the haul from both!

Michelle said...

I have a Mr. Rebates account, too. I forgot about that. Thanks for the heads up on More Rewards - I never heard of them, but OF COURSE you have! ;)