Bare Escentuals Full Flawless Face Brush

Man, am I splurging on myself a bit lately?

Well, I did it again.  I was running low on my Bare Escentuals makeup - both the foundation and the mineral veil.  And while shopping for these items, I came across their Full Flawless Face Brush

Now, I did purchase a brush set earlier make by Bare Escentuals. But to be honest, the long handled Buki brush was not as plush as I expected, though it still is a very nice brush, and the remaining brushes of the set are great (including the carry case that they came in).  Now *this* one is more what I was looking for.

It's got a long handle. The brush is super soft and very plush.  It's my favorite to apply my Bare Minerals Foundation.  Everything I was looking for in a brush.  I'm very tempted to get another to use as a blush brush!

I also picked up the new Mineral Veil with SPF.  I got the tinted version, but I think next time, I'll get the non-SPF version.  It seems this one goes on a little bit heavier and I can see the color of the tint, which is not the effect I was going for.  But, I'll use it until it's gone because it's what I have.

I'll be using the last of my foundation soon.  Then I'll get to try out the new matte version.  It's just in time, too, because my skin is going back to it's old oily self.  I enjoyed fabulously clear and non-oily skin during my pregnancy.  I'm very sad to see it get oily again.  I will be even more sad if I get breakouts again. Crossing fingers and hoping my skin stays clear.  Totally loved this easy skin care routine. le sigh...


Auburn Kat said...

Hi stranger! Hope all is well with the baby and family! Happy first mother's day!

I have this brush but never used it because I thought the older brush looked thicker and would apply the makeup better to my skin. I'll have to try this one!

Lys said...

Amazing how the right brush seems to make everything look amazing!