BR did it again.  They sent me *another* promotion code that was too good to pass up.  Remember earlier?  I bought a pair of pants when they sent me a 40% off one item promo code?

Well, I received those pants and they're AWESOME!  I even purchased two pairs of them at their outlet store (in black).  While they are deeply discounted in the store and not labeled the same, they only had them in one color.  In stores and on the website, they have more colors available.

The most recent email promo code was 40% off TWO items!

I took the opportunity to buy more of the 323 Martin pants, this time however, I bought them in the short length since the regular length was a tad long to wear with flats.  I bought another pair of the silky coal and a pair in brown.

This brings my new pant total to:
1 pair black leggings
2 pair black trousers
2 pair gray trousers
1 pair brown trousers
3 pairs of jeans from pre-pregnancy that fit OK

I would love to get a pair of trouser jeans and some casual pants - those are still missing from my wardrobe.  I had three pairs of trouser jeans that I will miss sorely.  But I'm glad that the weather is warming up, because I have a bunch of skirts in storage that I will be glad to wear.

During all this, Hubby rolls his eyes as another package is delivered to the door.

Side note: I went on a concerted shopping trip to replenish my pant supply.  It was getting ridiculous - I literally only had jeans left and I can't wear those to work everyday.  And what do I end up getting? A bunch of clothes for the baby (lured by the Carters outlet), 4 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, stuff for Hubby, and a denim skirt, and two pairs of earrings.  I would have bought more if things weren't getting so heavy.  That said, Zach is ready for Summer!

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