More and more of these "daily deal" email services are cropping up. Enough to make a list!

Here are the ones that I've signed up for so far.  This whole genre seems to be expanding into more and more cities. Luckily for me, Seattle is included in all of these.

Groupon - Each day, Groupon features something cool to do or buy at an unbeatable price.  BUT, you only get it if enough people buy that day.  I actually bought one of their deals at one of my favorite places for cheesecake.  The deals are really great and there's even a "side deal", which is another great discounted item or service.  Click on my link to join and I get $10...so help a girl out!  Please?

LivingSocial - LivingSocial has "daily deals" - a deeply discounted offer at a local merchant - that are sent out via email. It's free to join, all you do is click on the link. You get $5 Deal Bucks when you sign up and I'll get $5 Deal Bucks when you buy your first deal.  Win! An extra perk - if you buy the daily deal, you can email the special deal to your friends. If 3 of them also buy, you get the daily deal for free. Win again!

Tippr - They offer THREE deals at a time.  The deal is good to start, but gets better as more people buy it (they call them Accelerated Deals).  It looks like they're currently only in Seattle (they're based here), but have plans to expand into other cities.  ***UPDATE*** Tippr is now on FatWallet! Squeee!

It's just an email so get in on the deal, people!

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marisol said...

Groupon is awesome! I also just signed up to Living Social today. I'll check out the other service. Thanks!