This is getting quite ridiculous.  The whole post-pregnancy weight loss.  I was scared before, but now it's turning out to be great.

It's getting to the point where I need pants.  Yesterday, I spend much time pulling up my pants.  It could have gotten obscene.  And I was wearing my "best-fitting" ones.  I just need to shop. I have to fit it in somewhere.

But, just in time, Banana Republic sent me an email promotion - 40% off one item. And that's on top of my Luxe card perk - free shipping on every order.

And while my luck with online shopping and clothing is mixed, I'm really hoping this will work out.  If not, I can always take it back [when I have time/opportunity].

So I bought one pair of pants - these 323 Martin Flared Pants in Silky Coal (gray) - in a size smaller than my pre-pregnancy size.  Hooray!

Another jewel that came in the email - Ann Taylor Friends & Family Sale - 30% off entire order, free shipping of $100 or more order (online code: FRIENDS).  There's a store at Kent Station, so I'm going to try to stop by after work either today or tomorrow.  I still need black pants!  If it doesn't work out in store, I might just place an order online.


wyn said...

Congrats on the weight loss - it's happened so fast and you seem so happy! I wonder why it is because it seems like more women have a hard time losing pregnancy weight than not. I love the BR Martin and Jackson pants--the cut is just perfect, to make you feel svelte--and I want about five in charcoal gray except they wouldn't actually get worn enough. Black I have to worry that my shoddy laundry techniques will make fade but I don't worry so much with dark gray!

Michelle said...

Thanks Wyn!

I attribute the weight loss to exercise during pregnancy, not eating extra during pregnancy (it burns calories to make a baby), breastfeeding (it burns calories to make the milk), carrying the baby (though my back does ache so!), and eating healthier. My shape is a little different now than before as well, which also explains why things don't fit as they used to.

So glad to hear about your positive experience with the Martin pant. I have had some in the past with happy results. Unfortunately, I didn't keep them after they stopped fitting.