I'm such a sucker for newly concocted coffee drinks.  And it was on a side of a bus, of all places, where I spied a Tully's Coffee ad featuring their Candy Shop inspired drinks.

They had me at Turtle...

Their other flavors are Neopolitan and Joy of Almond.

Today, I'm enjoying a Turtle mocha and it's delish.  Their pastry case is also stocked with some exciting things (which is more than can be said about Starbucks...*ahem*).  So, I'm having an almond croissant to go with it.  Er, it's gone already, so *had* would be the better word.  Anyway...the pastries are from Pinks Original Bakery (a local bakery...formerly called Mostly Muffins).

I think I'll be on a Tully's kick for a while.  It's only slightly out of the way, and I'll need to walk those extra steps to burn those extra calories, right?

Until next Friday...

We have deemed all Fridays as "Latte Fridays" at our house.  The one day where we treat ourselves to expensive coffee drinks.  In an effort to save money, we've been brewing our own coffee, now that I can drink regular coffee again. Rejoice!

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Paula said...

Yay for regular coffee! I suggest investing in a french press- the coffee tastes soooo much better at home and we actually prefer it now to going out :) (Great way to save money) I also add cocoa to my coffee at home to make it a bit more decadent :)

Sounds like you've been a busy bee! Congrats on the addition to the family! :)