As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have an overwhelming desire to shop.

Some of this is in response to losing my baby belly and having had shopped much for myself (well, not much non-baby related).  I am proud to report, if I hadn't done so already, that I have lost all my pregnancy weight...and then some.  I am actually under my pre-pregnancy weight! Yay!  Just a few pounds under, but still...

This is such great news!  Now, I was overweight when I got pregnant in the first place, so I'm still a little overweight.  But it's motivation for sure.  I think the prenatal water aerobics class really helped, as I gained about 30 pounds during my entire pregnancy. In addition, I was not eating a bunch of restaurant food for the month after I gave birth (remember I work for a restaurant company, and therefore had it for lunch most days).  Instead, I ate most of the Korean food that my mom brought over, which consisted of a lot of vegetables and not much meat.  Oh, and breastfeeding helps get the uterus back to its original size in addition to burning a bunch of extra calories.  Have I mentioned that I've also been eating a bunch of chocolate lately?  I was sorely tempted by those mint creme Oreos.  And lets not forget the huge cysts on my ovaries. Who knows how much those things weighed, or the space they took up...

Good news also is that I am fitting in my "old" clothes.  Yes, I weigh less, but my body's shape is a little different than before.  My belly is still quite soft from being stretched out.

Anyways, here's what I'm wanting, but not necessarily going to buy.  Because, I'm broke.

Black Leggings - I got a pair as part of my maternity wardrobe and loved how they went with my huge tops. They are cut maternity, however, and I don't like how they're cut below the belly. I want a pair to go more around my waist. I hear the ones from White House Black Market are awesome.

Classic Denim Jacket - I had one that needed to be replaced.  I saw one at the Gap Outlet that would make a great replacement.

American Eagle 'Cherish' Mary Jane Flats - I've mentioned these shoes before.  They're from Payless and they were my inexpensive shoes I bought when my feet swelled up and I needed bigger shoes.  Well, my feet have gone back to regular size (can I get a Hallelujah?!) and now they're too large.  But they're inexpensive enough that I could so get another pair in my size. They ended up working out great. I wore them almost every day and they held up.  And best of all, they were comfortable!

Ecco 'Bouillon' Flat - what can I say? I'm a sucker for buckles. And shiny things.  I have a very similar shoe in red and I love them and wear them constantly.

Black Dansko Shoes - I'm not really sure which pair I want, but I would love to have another pair of Dansko's.  They're just all-around awesome shoes.  I have a brown pair that I pretty much wear whenever I can, given that they match my clothes.  I think a black pair would be really handy to have.  For the record, I have a pair of black Dansko's with a heel, but they're not as comfortable as their flatter ones.  I like these ones pictured below, Mae.

Columbia 'En Route' Fleece Jacket - Lots of black, huh?  Well, it's just so darn versatile, and works well with my work wardrobe.  Love that this particular jacket has a hood.  A wish list of mine wouldn't be complete without a coat or jacket, now would it?

New stuff from Philosophy - Flirty Girl gift set (smells like candy!)

 Wild Blackberry Blossom shower gel


And let's not forget the purses I mentioned yesterday.  Mommy wants a new bag.

Oh, and today's my birthday - and Hubby said he'd take me shopping for the red Dooney bag!  He'd rather me inspect it in person before he buys it, just to make sure it'll work out. Yippee!

UPDATE: It's on sale at Nordstrom! I'm so getting it!!!


rachel johnson said...

Awesome! Congrats on losing all the weight! I love hearing great after-baby reports. It makes me feel so much more optimistic about undertaking the grand adventure myself...

All of your picks are great - i really want some good black tights, too, and I want to try the philosophy Flirty Girl!

Michelle said...

The whole pregnancy weight thing was something that I really worried about before I got pregnant, since I was already carrying extra pounds. But making a baby takes extra calories, and I didn't really get carried away with the eating, so I didn't have anything to worry about.

Now I hear that it could be different from pregnancy to pregnancy, so I cannot expect the same results if I got pregnant again...unfortunately.