I got my Dooney bag that I ordered and I love it.  It's not exactly like the first Dooney bag that I saw on Macy's web site. The one I got is canvas, whereas the original one is nylon.  But it's fine, because I just wanted something fabric (and lighter than leather).  It's a truly great bag! It's basically one large compartment with a zip pocket on the inside and a small place for a cell phone (and large enough to hold my Blackberry, though I will use it to hold my business cards, train pass, and lip gloss).  And the funnest part is that the inside is lined in a very cheery yellow.  The zipper was a little stiff when I got it, but I rubbed a little bit of clear lip balm on it and worked it into the zipper's teeth.  Now it's a lot easier to open, but not too loose.  Success!

The leggings I ordered, however, did not work out so well.  They just didn't fit me. They were too long and very snug.  Not so flattering or comfortable.  I need to continue my search for these.

I love my North Face jacket.  It's cut great and is real flattering.  And did I mention soft and warm?  Yes, very nice.  I will get a lot of use out of it.  Bonus - it can be zipped into my North Face ski jacket.

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marisol said...

NorthFace has the best stuff. Glad that you are enjoying your goodies.