Have you seen those commercials for Bertolli Frozen Meals?  They're the ones with the Italian chefs, sitting in their empty restaurants, cursing Bertolli.

If you didn't really pay attention to them, I understand. I'm not usually one for buying frozen dinners myself, so I didn't really act on the commercial alone. But then I had a roommate.  One of Hubby's friends stayed with us for a little bit and he was....culinarily challenged.  His cooking skills were quite limited.  But Bertolli Frozen Meals were something he could actually make well and provides a complete meal.  After trying a couple flavors that he had made, Hubby was hooked and I was impressed.  So easy and fast and dirties up only one pan!

Before I was to deliver my baby, I made sure to stock up on Bertolli Frozen meals so that Hubby could make something easily that he would enjoy.  And they allowed me to whip up something quickly without doing a lot of prep, which was nice having a new baby around.  I just didn't have much opportunity to put him down, he wanted to be held almost every hour of every day.

So, Bertolli is launching a web series called "Into the Heart of Italy" today.  It's a series of webisodes featuring Rocco DiSpirito, Marisa Tomei, and Dan Cortese as they explore Italy's food and culture.  This should be interesting as these three celebrities aren't exactly what I think of having anything in common, besides the fact that they're all Italians.  Could be interesting.

And for the record, my favorite of the Bertolli meals is the Italian Sausage and Rigatoni, as seen in the photo below, paired with a lovely cabernet.  Hubby's is Chicken alla Vodka and Farfalle.

The fine print: “Bertolli provided me with a wine aerator and gift card to cover the purchase of a Bertolli Frozen Meal for the Taste & Tweet/to sample.”

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