Everyone's Irish today! Celebrate!

I've already had two corned beef and cabbage meals, so I'm good there.  I'll be spending the evening with my parents for what I hear will be a ham meal.  Not very Irish, but hey - I'm wearing green!

I'm not one for green beer, but I am for the Irish Cream Cheesecakes - Bailey's Chocolate Chunk - they have at The Confectional (a seasonal item).  For the more adventurous, they also have a Guinness Cheesecake Truffle.  I've never had Guinness, but I'd be willing to try it.  I'm going to try to stop by tonight on the way home.

Another St. Patty's fave, the Shamrock Shake is something that I indulge in on occasion.  Something about it just screams Spring!

Or for something hot, how about an Irish Cream Latte.  Yum, indeed.  Also good year round.

I heard it on NPR - An Irish Feast by Nigella Lawson, including the "Emerald Isle" - a minty martini.

So Happy St. Patrick's Day! Be happy and be safe! Cheers!!!

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