A funny thing happened while I was on maternity leave...

All I wanted to do was hook up my answering machine in my office. But I have my fax machine set up in there. So I had to route the answering machine with the fax machine. Well, it wasn't working out as I had planned.  I probably had the manual somewhere, but looking it up online would be easier.  And I'm all about easy.

When I looked up my fax, here's what I got: A recall notice.

Yes, my fax machine was recalled.  I must not have registered it, because this was the first I heard about it and the recall happened sometime in 2008 or 2009.  Good thing nothing happened with my machine and it seemed like the problem was really rare, like 3 occurrences of the power cord failing or something like that.

What that meant for me was I got to buy myself a replacement and HP would send me a check, depending on what I bought.  Mind you, I was limited in what my replacement options were, so I couldn't go crazy.

Remember way back when I wrote about wanting an all-in-one?  Well, the HP Officejet J3680 was the all-in-one that I could buy as part of the recall.  So, I got my all-in-one and freed up a bunch of desktop space, and I only had to pay a little bit of sales tax.

Here's pretty much how it went:
I filled out the claim form on HP.com.
They sent me some paperwork and padded envelopes.
I bought my new all-in-one at Office Depot.com for $89.99 plus tax and free shipping (and used Bing.com for cash back!)
I sent HP the filled out paperwork and a part that I had to remove from my old fax machine, rendering it useless.
They sent me a check for $90.00.

So, happy happy. I got what I wanted, though not exactly what I preferred (I wanted a flatbed scanner).  But I cannot complain much since I didn't have to spend hardly anything. And it works great!


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