Thank you Starbucks, for the free Birthday coffee drink!

A bit early, but still very cool. (I had registered my Starbucks card, though I don't know where the card actually is.  And it wasn't needed to get the free drink).

I got a Venti Dark Cherry Mocha.  The birthday coupon doesn't specify a size, so I WENT BIG! And it was yum.

I have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, so if everyone knows about Starbucks' new Dark Cherry Mocha, then sorry for the old news.  But it's new to me.  I usually don't care for cherry and coffee together, but the dark chocolate really brought the two flavors together nicely. And the cherry was very natural and not fake and sickly-sweet like bad cherry cordials.

It's really nice to see Starbucks expanding their flavors.  I'm not sure if it's different in other parts of the country/world, but here in coffee-crazy Seattle, if you go to a random espresso stand, they'll have many, many flavors.  For some reason, the Bucks only carries a handful.  Now, if they could somehow incorporate an Irish Cream into their everyday menu, that'd be great - non-alcoholic, of course.


wyn said...

Heehee, now I'm waiting for my present from Starbucks ... although it might just be an American thing! I haven't heard of the Cherry Mocha either and it sounds delicious. :D

marisol said...

I haven't been to Starbucks in ages so I hadn't heard of this drink. Sounds good!