Having a birthday midweek can make it not very eventful.  And being a new parent who already has a penchant for keeping attention off of oneself, I didn't make much ado about this birthday, my 31st.

But Hubby wanted to make it special.  After getting home from a particularly productive day at work (I brought Baby, and he was very well behaved), I came home to a surprisingly empty house.  No big deal, as I needed to nurse anyway.  While nursing and watching TV, Hubby came home with dinner. But wouldn't tell me what it was until it was on the table.  I could smell it though, and guessed correctly that it was Thai food from our favorite place by our house, Benjarong Thai.

He got pineapple fried rice, a noodle dish with peanut sauce, yellow curry, and Tom Kha (coconut chicken) Soup - some of my favorites.  He even topped the meal with my favorite of the Mike's Hard drinks - Lime!

Earlier in the day, I was browsing the Nordstrom web site - looking at their sale section, when I came across my Dooney bag.  And it was on sale!  I told this to Hubby and he said to order it if I wanted.  He said if I wanted a Coach bag instead, I should get what I really want.  I thought about it, and while I'd love a Coach bag, I couldn't really use it right now.  As I mentioned before, I need something light and easy to clean, since it'll probably get a little dirty.

Even though he gave me a generous "birthday budget", I kept it reasonable and got things I really wanted and could use.

So, referring to my "want list" posted earlier this week, here's what I got.

The North Face Khumbu Jacket - Nordy's doesn't carry Columbia, but the hood wasn't a dealbreaker anyway.

Black Leggings - Trouve Double Knit Leggings

Dooney & Bourke 'Juliette' Canvas Satchel - purchased just in time.  It was on sale at Nordy's for $109.90, and as I check for it now, it's no longer on the web site!!  Whew!  I had to forgo triple rewards points on the Nordy's card by buying early (triple rewards starts on the 17th), but I figured it was my birthday and I didn't want to wait.  Good thing I didn't wait!

It was a good birthday indeed.  And I even got to sleep at the early hour of 9 PM.

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marisol said...

Happy Belated Birthday!