- Nursing clothes.  Did you know that there is a wide(ish) selection of clothes that are designed for the nursing mom?  Beats just lifting up your shirt or unbuttoning a blouse.  It makes the experience more discreet and the clothes are stylish.  Before delivering my baby, I purchased some tops from Nordy's web site (they don't have maternity in store) and they arrived recently.  I might need to do some alterations as they are a tad long (think tunic-looking), but as they are, they would look great with some black leggings.  Great pieces for when I return to work.  A while back, I also purchased some nursing pajama's (but I didn't know they were for nursing, I thought they were maternity).  These have proven to be very helpful for middle of the night feedings.

- On said order to Nordstrom, I was really close to getting free shipping.  I just needed to get me something small to get me over the limit.  So I splurged a bit and got myself an early Valentine's Day gift, from me to me.


- Cloth Diapers - I'm using disposables for the baby, but these cloth diapers are great as burp rags, cleaning spit-up, lining the bassinette and changing table.  And according to the package they came in, great for cleaning and waxing the car!

- Disposable liners.  These pretty much look like puppy training pads. A couple of these came home with me from the hospital without me knowing.  But I quickly put them to use to make a layer between baby and changing pad.  Yes, the pad has a washable cover of its own, and I have two of them, but it's easier to throw something away sometimes.  And I'm not doing baby laundry everyday.  The ones I got came from a medical supply company for sure, but I found a big box of them for cheap from Drugstore.com.

- Hubby.  Need I say more?  He stayed with me the entire time while in the hospital, bringing me all sorts of juices and foodstuffs from the nutrition station.  He changed diapers for 3 whole days before I changed a single one.  He did daytime burping and diaper duty all last week, while I took care of the night shift.  He's gone to the store and entertained guests. I couldn't have done it without him.  Well, I could, but it would have been a lot harder.  I love you, Babe!

- Online shopping.  I've bought so much stuff online lately, it's nuts.  It's been an unbelievable time-saver and money-saver as well. Have I mentioned that I love Diapers.com

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marisol said...

Do you have an amazon prime account? You can save on shipping & get most items in 2 days. Its a great service.

Glad that you treated yourself.