The nursery is finally complete.  All it needs is a baby!

There isn't a whole lot on the walls, but that's fine for now.  When he gets older, he might want to have some input into what his room looks like.

Closeup of the crib with all the stuffed animals we got, and a good look at the mobile of animals playing sports.  Hubby chose the crib set here, claiming that he didn't get to pick anything - which is NOT TRUE.  But it's still cute.  Doesn't go with the ocean theme we have going on the walls, but whatever.  It's a baby's room and it's random like that.

Also, notice that the rug does not go with anything either.  It has a UFO motif, a gift from my Mom. At least all the colors seem to go with each other...

The changing table, with our Diaper Genie II Elite, hamper, and the Boppy pillow on top.

The dresser full of baby clothes.  And there's my hospital bag all ready to go...almost.  I still need to pack a robe and some clothes for Hubby.

The bassinet will not stay in here, but will be in our room in the beginning.  I got it free via Freecycle, along with the swing, and the playmat on the very right.  The bouncy seat was a gift from my cousin.  We received another bouncy seat via Freecycle as well, but I will take it to my parent's house.

I can't believe the time is near. I just had my last Doctor's appointment before my C-section.  Hubby was there.  I asked my last questions and signed the consent forms.  Friday is not that far away!


wyn said...

I love that quilt and that you've gone with the multitude of animal decor. Baby will be exposed to all different types of creatures and colours.

Good luck on Friday - my best thoughts will be with you. :)

rachel johnson said...

Wow. The baby room looks great! Good luck and best wishes on Friday. I know it will be a wonderful day for you!

marisol said...

I love baby things. They have the cutest things for them. So excited for all three of you!