In preparing my home office for me actually working in it - I plan on working one day a week at home after the baby arrives - I headed out to Office Depot to pick up some supplies.

In my search for metal mesh cup organizers, I came across a whole section of binder clips.  Not just any binder clips, but really really cute ones.  And matching push pins and a whole section of cuteness.

Their web site does not have as big of a selection, but did have these animal print binder clips available (cheetah & zebra).  And mind you, these are the store-brand, albeit twice as much as plain black ones.  If I had nothing better to spend my money on, I'd so get these.  But, black will have to do.

In addition to the 3 mesh cups, I also picked up a mesh file holder, a new keyboard wrist rest, Post-It notes, file folders ($2 a box!!!), hanging file folders (also $2 for a box), and highlighters.  If I could convince Hubby that now's a good time to get my all-in-one fax/printer/scanner, then the office would be complete.  I'd just love to free up some desk space, because, frankly, I'll be needing it!


wyn said...

I love the binder clips that say "FILE" "READ" "TO DO" and so forth on them. Of course, I could create the same with neat writing or a label maker.... :D

marisol said...

Cute office supplies. That was one of the best parts about starting school. Going to Office Depot or Target to get new notebooks, pens, etc. I miss that.