Furniture wise...that is.

We braved a very busy IKEA to get the last piece of furniture for the Baby's room. This Leksvik chest of drawers matches the changing table and was on sale for $199.  We were originally going to get the taller 6-drawer dresser (same sale price), but when we went to get it in the self-serve warehouse, there was only one box.  And there are two boxes of pieces.  So even though we wanted the taller one, we both decided that the shorter, wider one would do.  Besides, when the baby grows up, he'll be able to get into all the drawers himself and it has a lower likelihood of toppling over.

It's not put together yet, but I told Hubby he didn't have to hurry on it.  We have a little bit of time left and I still have lots of baby laundry to do.

We also picked up a free umbrella stroller and a Sesame Street play gym from a very nice lady via Freecycle.  These items will be for my parents for when baby is with them.  My mom will be taking care of my baby twice a week, so we're working on getting them outfiitted with what they need as well.

Things are coming together for the Baby.  I'll be having baby showers for the next two Saturdays and my work will be having a shower for me sometime during January.  After that, we'll have more baby things and will be able to complete our baby-related spending.  They say you're not truly fully prepared, but we're getting close to getting what we need.  It's still feels so far away, even though in reality, it's about a month! Eeeek!

Tomorrow is my first of the weekly appointments - I will go once a week until baby arrives.  Tomorrow is also when they make the determination on how my delivery will proceed - either C-section or regular.  He's still head up, so looks like we'll be taking the surgical route.  But, tomorrow, it should be official.  *sigh*


Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Awww this is so awesome! I hope things work out at the doctor and you get to deliver the way you're hoping for...
Thinking of you, and hope you're feeling well! :)

Michelle said...

Thanks Amber. I'm just trying to stay relaxed about the whole thing. I've had a couple of weeks already to mull it all over. Most important thing is for baby and myself to end up healthy. Plus side of a schedule C-section is not having to go through the whole labor process and having it, well, scheduled.

Auburn Kat said...

I really like it! There are a couple of things I want to order from Ikea shortly. I love that store but the closest one to me in in Canada and it's a pain sometimes to have to deal with the borders.

Michelle said...

I love IKEA. Their stuff is not exactly top quality, but you're not paying high prices either. They have great accessories and little things. I feel a little spoiled that I live fairly close to one.