With the baby on the way, we're envisioning our near future to be spent mostly at home.  Which is fine with us.  This is what we want and will not complain about it.

That said, we thought it'd be a good idea to make things more entertaining while we're at home.  Besides, our local Hollywood Video closed!  And I'll be pretty much drugged up for about a week after baby delivery.

So, we signed up for Netflix.  This is our second foray into it, but this time we're doing the one DVD out at a time plan at $8.99.  Ebates has $13 cash back right now as well.  And with everyone, you get a free 2 week trial to test it out.

What's different between this time and last time, however, is that now they have the instant watch feature.  Many movies and shows can be watched instantly over the computer or Netflix-compatible device.  Our HD Tivo is one of those devices (along with PS2, Blu-ray DVD players, and Xbox's w/ Live accounts, among others).  And it's included in the membership, which is a plus in my book.

It'll make the staying at home part a little bit more bearable.

And from other parents I know, I was told that it's great for when the children are older - there are cartoons on demand.  We had to wait, but kids these days have it so easy!

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E said...

Yay! Baby soon! I have been using Netflix for YEARS and I really love it. I especially like the Watch Instantly feature, there's nothing like watching a movie in the bathtub.