My car warns me when it's almost due for an oil change - every 5000 miles.  If you wait too long, it then keeps the reminder on all the time, complete with warning light!

Well, over the weekend, in our mad dash to get things done before the baby's here, we got the oil changed in our vehicles and got them washed.  The last couple of oil changes on my car were done at the dealership because they were free.  But this time I didn't have any freebies, and I didn't want to go all the way to the dealership (which is not close to where I live).  So we went to the Jiffy Lube right by our house.  They did a great job, but they didn't turn off the warning - though I was hoping they did.  Darn.

(Side note: I used to go to another locally owned place that I may have mentioned before on this blog, but they pissed me off the last time I went there with my old car so I'm never going back for an oil change.  Something they did was causing my car to leak oil, and I took it back twice and they did not correct the error.  But then I got rear-ended and didn't have to worry about the oil leak anymore.  They do a good job on car washes, however, which I'll continue to get.)

So, back to the warning light.  There is a way to turn it off without a professional!  Gotta love the Internets, it's full of answers.

I first came across a forum with some solutions.  One that was most memorable and easy sounding was to just unplug the battery.  But I didn't really want to pop the hood of my car and then reset all my radio stations and clock after unplugging the battery.  Especially if there's a right way to do it.  It was too much to print, so I looked elsewhere for a solution.

My search took me to eHow where I saw this solution.  It ended up not working for me, however.

So, I had to be more specific and put in my car model, a Camry.  This solution ended up working for me, with one change.  In step 3, it says to turn the ignition back off.  I didn't have to do that.  After turning the key into "acc" mode, the display changes to "Reset Mode" with 5 squares. The squares light up, I think signaling 5 seconds.  And then the display goes back to what you had it originally - for me, it was outside temperature.  I then started my car as normal.

Kudos for eHow to be easy to read on my Blackberry, since I didn't print out the Camry instructions.

Now, I have this whole recall issue to deal with.  I've already removed the floor mats due to a related recall, which is highly upsetting since it's winter and lots of dirt gets tracked in.  But now I have this death-trap gas pedal. Awesome.  At least it sounds like this is a problem that develops over time and you will have warning signs before it ever gets to the point where the gas pedal gets stuck.  Just sayin;', but I remember in Drivers Ed that if you have a stuck gas pedal, put your foot underneath it and lift it back up.  Oh, and don't freak out.  Kinda sucks, because there's no remedy right now and not sure what to do except wait.  Grrrr.

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marisol said...

My car is also part of the recall. I have to take it in for service on Friday and i asked about the recall. They said that the only fix for now was to remove the mat. Ok... so I am leasing my car and it's been raining like crazy here. May get some damage in that part of the car as well... sigh