The date is set for my upcoming baby delivery by C-section.  January 29th is my day.  This would only change if the little guy were to decide to make an early appearance.  But first time mothers are notorious for delivering past their due dates.  I think the Doctor said 8 days late was average.  So, keeping fingers and toes crossed that I will not go into labor before then.

We are almost all set with our baby gear.  The dresser is put together. I had my baby showers.  Most of the stuff is ordered, just need to order a baby monitor and some crib rail covers.  We have a bunch of laundry to do, then the fun job of sorting clothes by size and putting them away.  Still need to clean out the closet in the baby's room as well.  There's a lot of "our stuff" in there.

It's all hard to wrap my head around!  We have a date.  It's happening!


Little Fish said...

OMG, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Auburn Kat said...

SOOOOO exciting!

marisol said...

9 days... yay!

Jenny Georgio-who said...

You must be sooooo excited. I can't wait to give birth! :) Let me know how it all goes!