I recently received an email from our favorite Mexico resort, The Royal.  We visited their Cancun location at the beginning of this year, if you might recall.  I had shared this photo of workers working on fixing the beach.

This was an everyday sight while we were staying there.  Workers moving sand by pumps and buckets, only to have the sand wash away overnight, and to do it over again the next day.

They had to do this to prevent the whole beach from washing away.  Some past hurricanes (namely, Wilma 2005) did some major damage to a lot of the beaches.  At the resort we stayed at, there was enough beach to enjoy it, but not what you'd expect, especially compared to the great beaches further south in Playa del Carmen.  (And even those, I hear, are smaller than usual due to hurricanes.)

So back to the email...

This Fall, a huge undertaking began to restore the beach and to make it larger.  This was organized by the federal and local governments and some private investors. While not fully complete, I have seen some "after" pictures, and they are spectacular and amazing to see.

Despite it being sunny where I am, it's cold, and it'd be nice to be sitting on a beach.  In this fantasy land, I'll also be tall, rich, and skinny.  We'll probably go back next year with Baby in tow, but it'll be at the end of the year, and perhaps see the newly restored beach in person.

Before, a lot of this sand was covered in ocean!  (Photo courtesy of The Royal Cancun.)  All I can say is WOW!

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