I finally did it. I bought some new shoes for my slowly expanding feet.  My regular shoes still fit, but are getting tight and almost uncomfortable.  I knew this would happen and my plan was to buy shoes that weren't expensive.  Just needed something to get me through the last stages of this pregnancy.  Hopefully, I my feet will return to normal shortly after I give birth. 

The cheapest place I know for shoes is Payless Shoes and they happen to be close to where I live.  Unfortunately for me, the cute holiday styles were sold out in my new larger size.  Instead, I got a couple pairs of basics that I could wear to work and upcoming holiday parties.

Picked up these American Eagle 'Cherish' Mary Jane flat.

And for work, I got Predictions 'Janet' Mule.  I'm wearing these right now and they're quite comfy.  Also, very easy to slip on and off - very important for when bending over becomes difficult.

And for fun, I got this ring as well.  It was totally unnecessary but I couldn't resist.

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