I've mentioned it in previous posts before, but hadn't focused too much on it.

I'm referring to salted caramels by Seattle chocolatier Fran's Chocolates.  You may have heard of them before, as they have a huge fan of national prominence.

There are two salted varieties: Gray Salt with Dark Chocolate and Smoked Salt with Milk Chocolate.  I've tried them both, and despite what you might think, the salt really adds to the deliciousness of the caramel and chocolate.  It punches up the flavor of both and add a little bit of texture.

This little box, above, retails for $11.50 and would make a great gift.

We recently received a box of her assorted truffles in the office, which made me think of her salted caramels.  Sadly, the assortment did not have any salted truffles, but it did have a Single Malt Whiskey truffle.  I didn't try it, but my boss did and she said it was great.  I'm thinking this would be a wonderful gift for Hubby and his friends, and much more refined than those alcohol-filled chocolates you can find in liquor stores.

Lucky for me, there's a Fran's Chocolates right by my work. But for those that aren't so lucky, they do mail order as well.

Because, really, who doesn't love fancy delicious chocolates?

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