Remember the jewelry armoire that Hubby bought me over the Summer?  I mentioned it in this post.

Well, I love having it so far.  But as far as organization goes, it could do better.  The drawers are lined, but have no compartments.  Kinda makes things a small mess when it comes to my plethora of earrings.  I was determined to find some sort of organizer that will fit in the shallow drawers.

At first, I was thinking maybe something from the office supply store.  You  know, those desk organizers that go in drawers?  Namely, the shallow drawer that's usually in the middle of the desk (well, at least in commercial-style desks like I have at work and home).

But I happened to come across these jewelry organizers by Neatnix at Bed, Bath, & Beyond while looking for other items.  These are exactly what I was looking for, and their small size was perfect for my drawers.  I picked up two of the small item organizers (like shown above) and a bracelet organizer.  In the pic, you can see there's some clear plastic.  The compartment tray actually sits in a clear plastic tray, which can be removed and can be used to cover the whole thing.  Unfortunately for me, with the extra clear plastic part, it doesn't fit in the drawers - but that's fine by me, since it's not really necessary.  I paid about $8 for each tray after the usual 20% off store coupons.  And I will definitely go back for more.

While there, I also spied this piece of wall art that would be perfect in our bedroom!  Gotta show Hubby...

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