I totally forgot to recap my Thanksgiving!

Well, everything went really smooth. 

The night before, Hubby and I did some prep - brining the turkey.  It was completely thawed out (yay!).  I used Alton Brown's brine recipe (as previously posted) and added dried thyme, rosemary, and sage (another change to his recipe, is that it called for allspice berried, but I used ground. Works fine!)  We then went out for Mexican food where after dinner, I saw my belly move for the first time!  Stopped at the store for one last item - cream cheese - that Hubby wanted in the mashed potatoes.

The day of, Hubby pretty much cooked the turkey. He made a spice rub for it (his idea) and applied it to the bird, while I worked on prepping the oven bag.  I made the stuffing, with his help with chopping the apples.  Using pre-chopped onions and celery saved a bunch of time!  Even the walnuts were pre-chopped (thanks Trader Joe's!)  I peeled the potatoes and he cut them up.  I cooked the green beans to be sauced later.  And then I showered and waited for guests to arrive.  Hubby put out the veggie platter, which was store-bought. Mom brought two pies - pumpkin and wild blackberry, rice, and soy-marinated salmon.  My sis-in-law brought rolls and a green salad.

3 hours later the turkey was done!  Mom made delicious gravy - I don't trust myself with making gravy, I don't have the hang of gravy-making quite yet...lack of practice.  Hubby mashed the potatoes. I finished the green beans.  And then we sat down to eat.

As far as big meals are concerned, this one turned out great.  Lots of food, lots of leftovers, and happy faces all around.  It was more relaxed than in previous years and I was able to catch up with my family.

I gave thanks for having a wonderful husband and a healthy pregnancy.  I can't ask for much more.


Little Fish said...

I've never heard of cream cheese in mashed potatoes, but it sounds delicous!

I'm glad everything went well.

Michelle said...

I hadn't either until my brother's wife made them. They're delish, but not very healthy. It's a once in a while proposition.