We finally made it to The Old Cannery to shop for a gliding rocking chair, AKA a "glider".

Like I mentioned before, we shopped a little bit.  Hubby sat in some chairs at Babies R Us and I checked some high-end ones at a different store.  But we decided on this one by Best because it seemed to be of better quality and the cushioning is really nice.  It also matches better to our decor.  This chair will most likely go in our living room rather than the nursery, since I'm thinking that it'd be pretty boring to sit in the nursery.  Might as well watch a little tv while rocking and/or feeding the baby.  We also got the matching ottoman for maximum comfort.  The model of chair that we got doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but quality and simplicity are what matters to us.  Compared the photo above, our cushions are more of a grey beige, called "mink".

Tonight, we're going to try to put away the Christmas decorations.  Then we can make room for the chair.  I plan on putting it where the Christmas Tree is currently standing.  Hopefully tomorrow, Hubby will put the chair together while I'm at my exercise class.

Of the big ticket baby items, it's nice to cross this one off the list.  Remaining: Stroller & Car Seat, High Chair, Breast Pump.

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Jenny Georgio-who said...

That glider looks so comfortable! My gosh these little things surely can cost you an arm and a leg. I've looked all over for them and finally got one that I liked from CSNbaby.com. It was like 500$ at BabiesRus and only 229 at CSN....

You can find a great car seat/stroller there as well. Just call them on the phone and they ALWAYS give you a discount, if not just drop my name and they'll give you a discount. I've spent over $10,000 on their websites between creating a nursery and renovating a basement!