Last Saturday, there was a photo in the local paper of a local natural wonder - Snoqualmie Falls.  It's beautiful in itself, but with our recent frozen spell, the view was spectacular.  No the Falls were not frozen, but rather it's usual mist would collect on the cliff walls and freeze as icicles.  Historical side note: The Falls have frozen before in the 50's when the river itself had frozen, a supremely rare occurence.

After seeing this photo in the paper, we decided to go check out the Falls our self. One of the perks of living so far from the city (Seattle), is that we're only a half-hour drive away from the Falls.  Lots of other people had the same idea as well, because when we got there, the parking lot was nearly full. But people were polite and cheerful and there was room for everyone.  We brought Kenai along, which got a lot of attention.  It was snowing when we got there, and there's just something about a snow dog in its element that makes people swoon.

The Falls were beautiful and a sight to behold.


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