In response to Little Fish, more details about cream cheese in mashed potatoes.

It was not my original idea, but something that my brother's wife made at a past Thanksgiving.  She said it's a family recipe, with cream cheese being the secret ingredient.  I think she described it as "artery-clogging", which pretty much means it's not exactly healthy.  But for a special dinner once in a while, why not?

There is no set recipe that I use, as when making mashed potatoes normally, I don't measure.

So here are some instructions:

Cook the potatoes, as per usual
Add desired amount of cream cheese. Mash the potatoes and cream cheese (or use a mixer).
Then add your milk/cream, butter, salt & pepper until desired consistency is reached.
Add garnish to make it pretty, like sliced scallions or bits of chive.

I know, pretty vague.  The cream cheese doesn't add a whole lot of flavor to the potatoes, but it does add a nice silky texture.  For the Thanksgiving potatoes, I had 12 medium russet potatoes and one block of cream cheese.
To change it up, a flavored cream cheese can be used.  To make it lower in fat, use Neufchatel or a low or nonfat cream cheese, or use less.

Originally, I wasn't even going to do the cream cheese thing until Hubby requested it the night before.  But he did end up mashing the potatoes, so I can't get too upset about it.

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Little Fish said...

LOL. Thank you, this sounds delish!