Hubby done good this Christmas.  We both didn't go overboard with the spending, and we both gave each other things we could use and enjoy.

We usually combine our Christmas and Anniversary gifts, so this year for Christmas/Anniversary, my true love gave to me:

6 shower gels: Philosophy Classic Cookbook

 2 White Gold Hoop Earrings, which I really wanted.  Not exactly like the ones shown below, but really close.

And a makeup palette that's super cute and handy: Dior Deluxe Travel Palette.

The above pic shows the pinks to look more purply, but they're actually more pink.  The gloss is pink, which I was concerned about, but actually looks really great!  It even comes with some eyeshadow applicators, a small blush brush, and a removable mirror.  This will be great for traveling.

My gifts to Hubby this year:

A new hat to replace his worn out one -

 Sauces from Fran's Chocolates, for both of us to enjoy

 And games for the Xbox (used, to save money): Hours of entertainment!

As for the rest of what I received, lots of baby clothes (so cute!), nursery decorations, the diaper bag we wanted (this Columbia backpack), Christmas decorations (Mom cannot help herself!), and more baby stuff.

Did I mention that my brother and his wife are also expecting?!  Well, yes they are!  And our babies are going to be about 5 months apart!  So, we're working together to help my parents get all kitted out for baby as well.  Hubby and I gave them a great carseat and Bro & Sis-in-law got them a Pack 'N Play with extra sheets.  They need a lot more items, but we're all looking!

As far as Christmases go, this was a really good one.  We got to spend time with most of our friends and family and it was just all-in-all relaxing.  I think our gifts of sweet treats and gift cards went well with everyone.  And for the most part, everyone was really happy.  Good Christmas all around!


Little Fish said...

Can you believe that next year you'll be celebrating baby's first Christmas!! So fun!

Michelle said...

I know! We've been digesting this tidbit ourselves. Next year will def be a change.